Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It just keeps getting better

When it rains, it positively pours. Our poor Mia is still peeing blood, and now, Angel has reinjured her right hind leg. Some idiot with his loud "farting" truck ran down our street and scared her so much, she tried to dash off and hide but was on the slippery linoleum floor. Her rear end slid sideways under her and she knocked her previously injured knee on the floor. She now has a slight limp and is licking compulsively her knee to the point where she's created a bald spot. Why does the most stressful, challenging shit hit the fan when there's an impending deadline in play!? Doggonit!!!


  1. That sounds like life, unfortunately, for everyone. We make plans and then watch them start to crumble. I am SO sorry about the kitties - that is always stressful when they are sick and can't tell us what is going on with them. I hope the vet can help. Did she prescribe an antibiotic originally? Please keep me posted on how they're doing. If I could, I would suggest we Skype, but I'm up to my eyeballs in some stuff here. Hang in there soulsis, things will eventually change. Look in your spiritual toolbox and start using what is there. Look for a new tool to add and use. Sending hugs to all of you!

    1. Thanks soulsis. Yes... Life can be a big challenge, at times. It seems we're all overwhelmed with stress, these days (Pluto and Uranus must be retrograding.) Fortunately, I have a few tools in my spiritual kit to help me out during these overwhelming times (one being a big spade to help me shovel all that sh**.) ;)
      The vet never gave her antibiotics because she said there was no infection... Just A LOT of struvite crystals. I'm suppose to take another urine sample in tomorrow morning. I'm hoping for a reduction in them. Fingers crossed.


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