Friday, July 07, 2017

Babies are not happy

And neither is their human mum. The verdict came back for Boof; struvite crystals in her urine. From now on, both girls will have to be on a special urinary track diet. Ratty is NOT happy at all! We know Boof will eventually accept the new food (if it crunches, she'll much it.) Angel is a picky eater, and she categorically refuses to eat the stuff. There's no way we can segregate and feed them different diets. Boof will find a way to get to Angel's dish. The vet said there is no harm in both cat eating the prescription food, but if Boof gets off of her special diet, she's at risk of another attack. I'm with Ratty on this one... I'm NOT happy with that food. It is full of crappy grain, GMO corn and artificial fillers that are just a ticking time bomb for another health issue down the track (diabetes, bad teeth, etc...) Cats are obligated carnivores! Why manufacture a vet recommended health prescription food and fill it with crap? I give up! I've thrown my hands up in the air and resigned myself to feed them this rubbish. It's suppose to help Boof, so I'll do it. Also... This is cutting it too close to our trip to Canada, and I just can't think of any easier solution for them, for the pet-sitter, and for us.


  1. Sometimes you just have to choose the lesser of two evils....

  2. Goodness! I'm so sorry to hear that Boof is so sick, poor girl.

    Also sorry to hear about the food the girls have to eat, hope they get used to it quickly and that Boof gets well soon. How long does she have to stay on the special food?

    I've been thinking of you all over the last few days, must have felt there was something wrong.

    Sending healing prayers to boof.

    ((Hugs)) xoxo


  3. Thanks soulsis and faerysis. We're fighting an uphill battle, here. Ratty is tolerating the new bickies just fine, but it's "said patient" who has an issue with them. Oh! She loves them... Don't get me wrong! I just wish they could stay in her stomach. :( There's no way we can stick her on this food for the rest of her life. No point in feeding food that ends up on the floor everywhere. I'll be calling the vet today to see what other "suggestion" she has. This isn't working.


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