Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pocket Angel

Angel joins her sister Mia in the miniature world. I made a mini-Boof... Now we have a mini-Ratty. 😁 I used the Mojo ginger tabby cat as the base model. It suited her body shape so well that I didn't do any modifications to it besides the repaint job.

Skinny Mini... Just like our Ratty

I managed to paint her tiny tri-coloured nose markings in.

She's always holding her tail up in the "Hello" position, just like this model.

Just like Mia, I painted her very distinct pad patterns.


  1. This is so cool to have miniature versions of the girls! Well done soulsis!

    1. Thanks my friend! :) I now have mini Xena, mini Boof, and mini Angel. I'm thinking of adding mini Mina to the group.

  2. Wow! So cute! When I saw you had done Boof and Angel was wondering if you had also created a Xena :-) . Great little replicas!

    Ariel xox

    1. Thanks matey! :) I think I will make a little Mina too and give it to my mum when we go visit them.


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