Wednesday, May 03, 2017

A great find

Last time I went grocery shopping, ALDI had a little cabinet on special. The price was too good to pass up, so I bought it. Saves me from designing one when we get back from our trip. I will modify it slightly by adding a wooden frame with sliding Perspex doors to keep dust (and cats) away from my figurines.

The half smirk of frustration on my face says it all... But I did assemble the whole thing myself.
Hubby gave me a hand with stacking the top and bottom halves together (it was rather heavy.)

And here it is, fully assembled. LOTS of room for newcomers. LOL! 😁


  1. That looks nice! You could even add another shelf in between if you needed extra space ;). Great idea about the doors - my cats have to test out anything new to see if they can move it! :D

    1. Trust me... They've already tested the waters out. LOL! :D Somehow, I get the sinking feeling that I'll come back from our holiday to find plastic figurines strewn across the carpet (or worst, have bits chewed off of them!)


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