Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Cheshire cheetah

When I received my CollectA King cheetah, I couldn't help but laugh. He reminded me of Smeagol with his oversize grin. "Cheetah's don't have huge cheeks like that!" I thought. So... Before I slapped some paint on the fella, I grabbed my trusty X-acto knife and did some plastic surgery on his Cheshire Cat grin ("Down, cheeks... DOWN!"

See what I mean? Seriously kitty... You might be panting, but you're no Staffordshire Bull-Terrier.

So after refining his muzzle with a few snips here and there, I slapped on a new coat of paint and voilà! This is what the kitty looks like.

Oh, puss! You're not grinning anymore. Have you become a sourpuss!?

And here he is, out on a hunt.


  1. The cats are looking great! Like they could be stepping out of the jungle. Bazaar that they had the cheetah grinning.

    Ariel xo

    1. Thanks matey! When I first saw the cheetah, I burst into laughter. :D Sometimes, the figurines are very sucky when it comes to the anatomy. I have another one that needs "corrective surgery", but it needs "add-on", not removal. Not sure how I'm gonna do that one. :/

  2. A lean, fast killing-machine for sure. Looks great!

    1. Thanks soulsis! :) I have another cheetah that needs a good makeover (a regular cheetah). Right now, it looks like a yellow and black dalmatian. LOL! :D I hope it turns out as nice as this one.


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