Saturday, April 15, 2017

Kitty possy

The gang is slowly expanding... My husband is getting nervous!
Here are the new kids on the block to join my jaguar and black panther. On a side note, I am learning lots about repainting miniature resin/plastic figurines. I use to paint D&D characters in my younger days, but these were mostly metal. It seems plastic and resin requires a coat of primer just like metal! I didn't know... I thought you could paint acrylics straight unto the plastic, but I've since discovered this is not a good idea. My jaguar, which I had painstakingly repainted, has gone all sticky. I will have to strip him back, seal him with an undercoat of primer, and then paint him again. It's also possible that I've used too much acrylic, or that I've used the wrong stuff (the paint needs to be extremely liquid and be applied in multiple thin layers... I may even use my airbrush for applying the base coat.) It's also a smart move to let it all dry out for several days before slapping on a sealer... Another booboo of mine. Oh well... I got plenty of "repaints" to perfect the technique.


  1. Looks like a purrrfect collection for you my friend! :D Have you repainted all of them, or just some?

    1. I haven't repainted any of these. I got my work cut out for me! LOL! :D Oh! I forgot to mention... I went down to Hobbyrama today and I bought a whole heap of Vallejo acrylic paints (much better suited for resin/plastic miniatures). And get this... Hobbyrama also sells animal figurines. I couldn't help myself... I came home with a cheetah and a smilodon. Another big *KACHING* LOL! :D


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