Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hubby is worried

So I said to my husband "I'll stick to collecting cats (wild and domestic)... Promise!" But today, while we were at Kmart rummaging in the toy section, I found a trio of small house cats for 5$. "Suhweet bargain!" I thought. But then my dear other-half sees this cute little brown horse and just hands it to me. Err... BIIIIIIG mistake! He was only 5$ as well, so of course... He HAD to come home with us. lol!

What started off as a tiny collection a few weeks ago has now metamorphosed into 21 felines and now, one horse. He looked at me and said "why do I get the sinking feeling this horse isn't going to play solitaire for long?" He knows me too well. He's a cute cobby little horse. The box didn't say what breed it is. To me, he looks like a Canadian Horse.


  1. Well I guess it IS cheaper than having an actual zoo.... lol!


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