Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Read the fine print

A very nice man recently left a comment on my Viking Lenormand video on my YouTube channel. He remarked that the Viking Lenormand blog was inactive (I have since shut it down) and that the extra card pack was unavailable for sale... but that the 36 cards was still available for purchase (!?!?!) Dafuq!?!?! Are the wankers at Printer Studio still selling my stuff behind my back, even though I took everything down!? Well... I went to read their License Agreement clause (something I now kick myself for not doing beforehand). I'm no lawyer, but this serious sounds like they can do whatever the f*** they want with my published projects, even though I apparently still own the content. That's "lawyer gobbledygook" for saying "yeah... it's yours, but it's also ours, becaaaaaauuuuse... Well... You published it on our site." Never again, Printer Studio... NEVER!!!!

4. Licensing Your Content to PrinterStudio

By uploading any of your Content to the Website, you grant the following rights and licenses to PrinterStudio: the nonexclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, transferable, sublicensable right and license to use, reproduce, publicly display, sell, and distribute the Content in or on Products and in advertising, marketing, samples, and promotional materials for the purpose of promoting the Websites and Products. Without limitation, this promotion, marketing, or advertising may consist of: (1) display of your Products; (2) promotional "streams" of audio Content on the Website; (3) Product or Content placement in magazines, television shows, movies, and other media; (4) the sale of Products available on the Website through third party product feeds, whether at retail prices, discounted prices, promotional prices, or as otherwise determined by PrinterStudio in its sole discretion; and (5) the sale of Products available on the Website to other retailers, wholesalers, distributors or businesses at pricing as determined by PrinterStudio in its sole discretion. You also grant PrinterStudio the license and the right to make modifications to your Design as necessary to prepare your Content for use in a particular Product category or for other manufacturing purposes. You also agree that PrinterStudio and its customers may make changes to the Design for the purposes of creating and ordering Products.

This Section 4 only gives PrinterStudio the right to use your Content for the purposes stated above, and does not give PrinterStudio ownership of any of your Content.


  1. Goodness! That's terrible. Is there any way to remove the content so they can't use it anymore?

    Hope you're managing in the heat okay Faerysis. It's a bit cooler here today, but temps set to rise again to high 30's and 40 in the west by Sunday. It's been a tough summer.

    Love the new cards you've created! Very beautiful.

    ((Hugs)) Ariel xo

    1. Hey faerysis! Hope you're keeping cool in this mega-heat! We're all avoiding any extraneous, unneeded movement in our household (i.e. we're being lazy shits! LOL!):D
      Unfortunately, I can't remove what is still "up" on their server. Because I have deleted my projects and shop, I have no access to a closed account. It's okay... Best revenge is to simply regain control and inform the public of the current situation. See the link below?

      It's still up, they're still marketing it and trying to make money off of it. But it's okay... I noticed in my description that I reference a link to my Viking Lenormand blog. I had taken it down but have since reopened it, if only to let people know what's happening. I am currently sussing out a new publisher, and if they work out, I'll be selling it through these new guys and linking things back to them. Justice will be restored through order, not chaos. ;)


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