Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Neighbours... BEWARE!

Since I got my new Dell computer, I have had issues with my 5.1 surround sound (thanks to Windows 10!) Because it is connected to a home theater system and not dedicated computer speakers, I had to carry the audio via the HDMI cable, and this is causing lots of drama... One being that when the monitor goes to sleep, I lose sound (not really practical when you are trying to listen to music AND protect your screen from burning in.) Also... Since it is plugged in the HDMI input of my Nvidia card, I only get true 5.1 surround when playing games... Windows 10 clashes with the Nvidia driver and will only output sound in stereo. It's kind of annoying! As for our home theater sound system, there isn't that many input choices... Either HDMI or TOSLINK.

I got fed up and decided to split the audio/video signal, so I bought a dedicated sound card with a TOSLINK output... The Sound Blaster Z by Creative Labs. For those who don't know what TOSLINK is, it's basically an optical connection, so you can't get any purer sound (no digital lose or compression.) It also comes with a dedicated headphone jack, so the next time I wanna play Far Cry Primal and my neighbours are out and about, mowing, edging, blowing leaves and pruning trees... I'll finally be able to hear that sabretooth cat, sneaking up on me. Oh! And if I REALLY wanna be bitchy... I'll just use play via the speakers. 😈


  1. Okay that first paragraph was way beyond my techno-knowledge, but I'm happy you got a great sound via headphones or speaker now! :D

    1. Thanks soulsis. I just bought it through Amazon. I should get the card in a few weeks time. I'll let you know what I (and the neighbours) think of it. ;)


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