Sunday, February 12, 2017

I'm losing my cool!

The following post contains PLENTY of profanity... Avoid reading if you are sensitive. And please excuse my French, but I am SERIOUSLY losing my cool (literally!)

I... Have... NO FUCKING WORDS... To express how GODDAMN HOT it is, at the moment. Ceiling and pedestal fans work FUCK ALL! Fancy a hot air gun, pointed at yer face!? I don't!

After the temperature reached 100F (that's "F" for "FUCKIN' HELL!", not Fahrenheit), we decided to go for a little drive up to Bribie Island... To try and cool off a bit in the Ranger.

THIS was the temperature out on the highway! Dafuq? The asphalt is near melting point!

42C outside... That's "C" for "CHRIST SAKE!"
When we got back, we were greeted by two little felines, sprawled out on the concrete floor of the laundry, with VERY crossed looks on their faces. I don't know how much more we can handle of this stifling heat... It's getting rather redundant. Momma Nature is menopausal like me... She has "hot flashes" that make you wanna run and scream.

No, really... We're happy to see you, mum and dad.
All of us are, kittehs.


  1. You guys need ice packs to lay on instead of mattresses (and little ice packs for the kitty beds)!

    1. I wish we could. The bed was so boiling hot, neither of us had a decent night of sleep. And taking cold showers is an impossibility too... The cold water comes out warm! O_o

      By the way... Sorry for the foul language... I was in a shocking mood when I posted this. LOL! I should edit this.

  2. How are you all today? Hoping that you start to get a cool change soon! It was over 40C here on Friday and Saturday was around 40C. Couldn't use the computer as it heated up the room too much! Spent most of those two days staying very still.

    It was 45C in Hazelbrook on Saturday, that is truly bazaar for the Blue Mountains. We are cooler down here today, hope the cooler weather reaches you all soon. I can't remember a summer being this bad in my lifetime. Climate change is surely here, don't know how anyone can not see that it's happening, every year the heat records are being broken.

    It was shocking to see the way our government reacted to the power outages in SA, we came very close to having outages in NSW on Friday and Saturday, they didn't occur, and this was in part due to the help of the renewable energy sector, and there our government sit in a nicely air-conditioned parliament blaming the renewables for the energy problems!

    Sorry, rant over, I think my brain is still fried from the last few days. Yesterday I had a moment where I didn't know where I was (genuinely thought I was in Stanmore but was actually in Newtown)! Bit scary, hoping it is just the extreme heat causing the disorientation.

    Hope you, Dave and the Kitties stay safe in this heat dear faerysis.

    Ariel xoxo

    1. Hey matey! Don't worry... Rant away! I think we're all allowed to vent... We've all reached the end of our tether (I know I have.) It's 34C today, but we have higher humidity, so it feels like 39C. We're suppose to get some thunderstorms tonight which should drop the temperature back down into the high 20s.

      I know we have our part to play in this greenhouse effect, but I read the other day that the sun is also playing a big part in it. According to NASA, the sun's poles are also shifting which is causing some massive solar flares and higher gamma emissions. Did you hear in the news about people using sunscreen and still managing to get burnt? They thought it was a fault in the manufacturing of the cream... Nope! This is happening worldwide, at the moment. It's the sun... More UVA, UVB, UVC and gamma rays are getting through the ozone layer, and that's baaaaaaad! Remember Dr. Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk? Yup! Gamma rays do cause mutations in cells. The Earth isn't the only astral body going through a crisis at the moment... The sun too, and that's impacting everyone and everything, bigtime! :(


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