Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Vintage Viking

To those of you who have supported me by purchasing the Viking Lenormand, I say "thank you" and "enjoy!" It's now a vintage object. Since Printer Studio have screwed me over more than once, I got fed up and decided to pull it off the market. It shall remain so unless and until I find either a publisher, willing to give a starving artist a go, or another printing company that allows self-promotion through their site.


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    1. I constantly had to chase payments when the two months was over, and now... Not only have they jacked up the sales price of items considerably (I was forced to take a big cut-back), but the required amount needed to be reached to actually get repaid for sales is now 100$!!! How many decks to I need to sell to see one red cent? How many YEARS does the money stay in their bank account before I get my tiny little profit margin? To hell with it... No more profiteering.

    2. Wow, I knew they raised the prices without telling people, but I had no idea they raised the level to 100 for payment! That would explain why I never saw one cent from any lojong deck sales. I've got both my decks at 0% markup now. But to do this to artists trying to make a living really sucks. I know some company in the US got a bunch of folks unhappy with the price hike, but then that company raised its prices too. :(

    3. How much do they owe you for your Lojong? They still owe me money from a few sales, but I'm not about to give myself a stomach ulcer for 21$... They can keep it.

    4. I think a tad over $15 (I only had about a $3 markup before I reduced it to 0).

  2. That really sucks. =(
    I love my deck and I'll treasure it even more now.
    xx Katie.

    1. Thanks for supporting my artistic endeavor, Katie. It means a lot to me. xo


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