Sunday, January 08, 2017

Tabletop Mountain

Today, hubby and I decided to drive up to Toowoomba to try our hand at the famous Tabletop Mountain trail. It's a good hike and it demands a fair amount of fitness. My cardio is quite good, but unfortunately, my knees aren't. 😖 I soldiered on as hard as I could and nearly made it to the top, but my right knee was screaming in agony by the time we got to the last push. I wasn't ready to risk life and limbs... An unreliable bung knee on such steep rocks is a death wish waiting to happen! Consequently, I sat and waited for hubby to come back down with some lovely photos of the view from the flat plateau. When I reach 60kilos, I'll give it another go... But until then, I'll pass. I'm just carrying too much weight for my joints to handle.

Just starting off. You can see the car park below.
Yes... It's rough, it's steep, and you have to climb over lots of big boulders.
Looking back towards the car park.
That little white dot is a hiker. The trail disappears over that ridge.
That's where I said "Nope!... Had enough!" Yes, it's THAT steep!
Hubby took some beautiful photos of the view from the plateau.
Looking back towards the parking lot.
Yup! Right knee needs icing and rest... Swollen like a potato!


  1. You are much wiser than most! Better to wait than do irreparable damage.

    1. As the body ages and breaks down, the mind takes up the slack. LOL! :D


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