Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday stroll

Yup! Those are pelicans
on the lamp posts.
Hubby and I had a day out together. Redcliffe jetty and its boardwalk was calling out to us. It was a really nice day (although, a bit hot and sticky.) They had markets and street entertainment happening while we were there, which made for a fun experience. But of course, both of us being quiet introverts, we didn't stick around for long (it got noisy and busy rather quickly.) We headed off towards Scarborough beach but turned around before reaching the peninsula... It was just too darn hot to continue. Me is also having issues maintaining my internal thermostat on kilter, so we opted to head back home.

And we're not the only ones who are struggling with the heat and humidity... If there happens to be the teeniest, tiniest breeze in our household... These two will find it... Even if it means sharing the space by stacking themselves on top of each other.

Catching a breeze near the front door.

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