Monday, January 23, 2017

Second set of six

Card number 7: Bonds, exchanges, agreements
I used watercolours for this particular design; lots of water on the paper, with pure red and blue pigments left to swirl about however they please. I noticed how the colours where settling into different little pools of purples, here and there. Before the whole thing had time to dry, I tossed in a handful of salt. This caused the drying process to create little dimples of paler colours. I added a few squiggly marker lines, here and there. Some where left open, others where closed The card made me think of how we mingle with others, create attachments and come into (unspoken) agreements with others. The need to reach out and let others into our world can expand and enrich our existence, but if we are not careful with our boundaries, we can soon find ourselves entrapped into bondage.

Card number 8: Joy, peace, celebration
Some bright yellow and red, mixed in with a bit of blue... Some white acrylic splatters on top... And you get a joyous mix of happiness and conviviality. It kind of reminds me of looking at party lights through a glass of sparkling champagne. This card is all about fun, happiness, contentment and sharing these good feelings with a group of loved ones. The flipside of this card is a lack of inner happiness, being ostracized and left out, and a general discontent with life.

Card number 9: External pressures, chaos, change
Ever been caught in a hail storm? I have... And boy does it sting! This card reminds me of little pellets of hail, crashing down and smashing through a window or sheet of thin ice. This card is akin to the Tower card in tarot; it represents external pressures that shake our foundations and destroy our perfectly stacked house of cards. It causes unwanted changes and chaos in our world. Nobody likes change, but it is the very premise of life. The inverted card can represent a refusal to accept change, stubbornly enforcing a status quo and stagnation... All of these lead to even MORE pressure build-ups.

Card number 10: Temperance, friction, obstacles
This "happy artistic accident" occurred after I shoved my hot air gun too close to the paper; the red / orange / yellow paints started to bubble up and burn! The image reminds me of a cooling lava flow. When magma gets ejects from a volcano, it pours down the sides until it starts hitting obstacles. The friction causes it to cool down and slowly form a crust. This card teaches to learn patience and temperance when we are confronted with setbacks and stressful situations. A reverse card could mean a total burnout and exhaustion.

Card number 11: Inertia, preservation, control
A pale blue cobalt background covered with some thick, white impasto paste. It looks like a big blocks of ice, or the side of an iceberg. Water flows, ice doesn't; it is water in its most contracted form. Ice preserves things, it is rigid, controlled and immobile. This cards shows us how to assert control (preferably on ourselves, not others), and how to preserve what is worth preserving. It can be linked to anything that rigidly maintains what is, as is (such as laws, museums, recorded history, etc...) Control and preservation isn't a bad thing, but when it stops the flow of life entirely, then it causes great detriment.

Card number 12: Cycles, process, timing
I initially wanted to make a scratchboard out of this project, but it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it... It came out even better! A very good lesson of this card is that we cannot control everything, and in life, we must learn to trust in the process. Things happen in cycles, and if we're not happy with how things are currently going, we simply need to wait and things will eventually shift towards what we desire. It's all about the timing. The card looks like a spinning cycle of sprout (the brown patch), plant (on the right side) and seed blowing in the wind (top right). A reverse card could mean there is a blockage somewhere along the process, or that the timing isn't right.


  1. I am really loving these, my friend. They really create a visceral and emotional reaction just looking at them. :)

    1. Thanks soulsis! :) I'm glad you like them. I had a tremendous amount of fun creating them. There wasn't much forethought to these artworks... It was pure, brainless, intuitive creativity! I guess that's why they evoke such an emotional response.


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