Monday, January 02, 2017

New Year's resolution

Here I go again! Just like the last ten years, I made a promise to myself to (persist) learn German. Why? Because I like the language... It resonates with my personality; eccentric, boisterous, rough around the edges, long-winded and quite complex. LOL! 😁


  1. Hiya matey,

    Cool! I started learning German in around 2002/3 was doing okay but didn't continue which was a shame. The Lenormand cards I have were my inspiration, they have German on the cards, my dad said it was in rhyming couplets and the booklet with definitions was also in German, they were given to me as a gift when I was around 25.

    The only things I can remember to say in German are "brown suitcase", "I am a lady", water and milk. Don't think it would get me very far in Germany, LOL!! Have fun with it.

    Ariel xoxo

    1. Happy New Year, matey!

      That's so cool! I have a Lenormand deck that's in French. I bought it last time I went to visit my folks. It's the classic deck (same as yours) but with the couplets in French.

      I did two years of German when I was in college and all I remember is how to order a beer. LMAO! :D xoxo


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