Thursday, January 26, 2017

Last set

Card number 19: Partnership, union, cooperation
This artwork combines many different techniques; paint pouring, blending, splattering, and some hot air gun bubbling. I've also tossed in some iridescent silver paint, although it doesn't show up much on the scans (it's the pale glowing stuff that borders around a few of the "bubbles".)The red mixed with the cobalt blue to make a beautiful blend of purple and magenta. The colours, along with all the flowing lines, gives it a very emotional feel. The "bubbles" look like people, hectically going about their business. This card is busy, active, yet quite emotional and fluid. It's about teamwork, association and working towards a common goal. When reversed, this card could stand for bickering, competition, dissolution and break-ups.

Card number 20: Consciousness, intelligence, potential
I used blue ink with the petroleum masking technique for this project. The red designs were added afterwards with a marker. My husband pointed out that this reminded him of a Picasso painting... And I do agree with him. It is very abstract, and yet, this is the most figurative piece of the group. It is quite personable and individualistic... It kind of stands out from the bunch. Just like people, it seems to say "I know who I am, and I know what I'm capable of." This card is about self-realization, knowing yourself, and using your wits. It's the "I think, therefore I am", card. In reverse it can stand for arrogance, stupidity and a lack of esteem and respect (for yourself and others).

Card number 21: Subconscious, emotions, imagination
A simple blend of colour pencils, along with some marker and a bit of paint. This image reminds me of the ripples of water. Water has long been linked with the depth of emotions and imagination. If card 20 is about "knowing" and the intellect, card 20 is about "feeling" and the emotions. It is inscrutable, deep, and cannot be grasped logically, but it can give rise to the most beautiful songs and poetry! This is the deepest part of ourselves, where feelings dwell and can (unfortunately) sometimes be repressed. The flipside of this card may include delusions, obsessions and compulsive behaviours.

Card number 22: Gestation, contemplation, integration
And yet another folded Rorschach print; this time with green and brown. The image looks a bit like a tree or a butterfly, with a smaller version of it hidden within its centre. This makes me think of gestation or integration; something is waiting to be released externally, and is being processed internally. This could also mean meditation, or wisdom born of inner contemplation. This is a period of slow, internal synthesis. In reverse, this could mean immaturity, inexperience and frivolity

Card number 23: Collectivity, heritage, hierarchy
For this one, I use oil pastels; purples and reds for the background, and bright green for the specks and lines. In order to get the specks perfectly round, I firmly tapped the pastel unto the paper to get a thick chunk of it to stick to the paper. I then took the hot air gun and melted them in place, creating perfect little spheres of colours. The individual circles connected with line remind me of a family tree, or a group of some sort. This card is about collectivity, and groups who share a common bond (either through blood, heritage, or like-mindedness.) Naturally, with organization comes hierarchy, and this is also part of this cards meanings. The card in reverse could stand for alienation, bigotry, and elitism.

Card number 24: Breakthrough, enlightenment, understanding
This is a combination of thick acrylic paints, smeared with a palette knife, and some white ink left to pool wherever it pleases. I mixed these colours just enough to get many shades of green without killing the bright cadmium yellow in place. I love this card! It kind of remind me of bright sunlight, poking through the branches in the early morning, and lighting up the dew covered blades of grass. This card makes me feel like a new day has come; breakthrough and enlightenment. It's that "a-ha!" moment we get when we finally connect all the dots, when we see the whole picture emerging. The flipside of the card would symbolize ignorance, being stuck in the dark, not "getting it".


  1. Number 23 makes me feel like I'm watching the Northern Lights in the night sky! But my favorite of this group is 24 - Love the way it seems like light is shining from within. :)

    1. Bev, 24 is my favourite card from this deck. There's a "je ne sais quoi" about the way the paint is flowing that is almost like etheric fire. I love how it turned out. :)


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