Saturday, January 21, 2017

First set of six

Here is the first set of six cards from the "Organic Oracle" (couldn't think of any other name for it... Suggestions are welcome.) πŸ˜‰

Card number 1: New beginnings, fertility, wealth
This card makes me think of sprouting roots underground, with many other little seeds surrounding it. It also kind of looks like a black tree trunk with foliage all around it. I can also see little dark zombie-like creatures with green eyes, walking about and peeping out of the leaves. In any case, the feeling I get from this card is one of fertility, and new growth, but also of abundance and prosperity. But with great wealth also comes great "threat"... From greed or theft, represented by those "little green eyed monsters."

Card number 2: Power, energy, vitality
When I made this image, I remember how energetically I applied the glue and smeared it around wildly with my pallet knife... As a matter of fact, I was feeling quite crossed with someone when I created this. Can you sense this in this image? LOL! It's red, it's wild and it's all over the shop... It's full of energy, power and vitality. The flipside of this vital force is that it can turn to anger, rage and even violence if left to run amok.

Card number 3: Challenge, opposition, change
I achieved this effect with the old fashion kindergarden technique of applying paint to a piece of paper then folding it in half (in this case, both ways). The image kind of reminds me of a small Mjollnir pendant I own... Thor's mighty lighting hammer. It seems to be blocking the way. Whoever wants to pass will have to face the wrath of the hammer. It also looks like the creepy Mothman, with glowing red eyes. Legends say this astral creature appears when chaotic events are about to strike. These changes are never pleasant and will test the resolve of the most stoic. Taken in the reverse, I would think this card to mean a refusal to face a challenging situation and a cowardly attitude.

Card number 4: Ideas, inspiration, communication
Yes, I did use a feather for this artwork. I sprayed acrylic paint over it to achieve this negative image imprint. I used colour pencils to elongate the barbs of the feather and make them look like tentacles, reaching outwards. This is why it makes me think of ideas, inspiration and communication... Like a feather floating on a puff of air, words are uttered through the breath and can reach far and beyond. Inspiration also travels lightly and tends to settle where it wants to. In reverse, this card can show that even though words may be light and easily blown about, if they are spouted with violence and lack of forethought, they can feel as heavy as lead to those that are the recipient.

Card number 5: Direction, decisions, reason
This little bit of artwork was fun and unpredictable. I used a marble, dipped in acrylic paint and let it roll around on the paper while I tilted it back and forth / to and fro. Trying to control this runaway marble was near impossible, so I just let it do it's thing. That's why this card is associated with reasoning, decision making and direction. Where do I go from here? Which choice will I make? Is this the right decision or the wrong one? Choosing between different options can at times feel like you're losing your "marbles." A reversed card may very well mean that someone isn't thinking straight whilst making a choice.

Card number 6: Passion, creativity, transformation
This card is truly self-explanatory. With it's fiery colours and wild lines, it clearly speaks of passion, creativity and the transformative power of fire. When I made this one, I mixed some scarlet red and cadmium yellow using a palette knife with long flowing strokes. It didn't take long before those strokes blended the two into beautiful arrays of crimson and orange. At some stage, I had to stop blending or I would've made a big mess of orange and lost both the yellow and red hues. When two people come together, fueled by passion, it can create a beautiful mixture of both parties, or it can totally consume them and leave a big muddy mess behind.


  1. These are fantastic! Reading how you made them makes the meanings much clearer too. And personally, I like the title "Organic Oracle" - keep going!


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