Friday, January 20, 2017

Escaping the heat

They say "necessity is the mother of invention" and this is quite true. In order to dodge this excruciating heat we've been subjected to, I have been forced to seek refuge in my art studio downstairs (where it is much cooler.) This little furtive stint of mine has given birth to an interesting oracle deck. It started off as a simple exercise in creativity (read, trying to snap myself out of the creative funk I was stuck in.) I remembered the wise words of one of my art teachers back at TAFE... He said to us, "when you're out of ideas, do some "mindless" artwork." What he meant was, if you have no preset idea or concept, just doodle anything! Get the pencil moving and the paint flowing and sooner or later, inspiration will come knocking (hopefully sooner rather than later... Art material is too expensive to waste! LOL!)

So... I got stuck into it; I grabbed some thick watercolour paper, chopped it up into little card-stocks and started slapping on some colours. I used every single bit of art material and medium I own (and then some); acrylics, colour pencils, pastels, inks, water, salt, sand, charcoal, hot air gun, rubbing alcohol, modelling paste, baby oil, markers, printing ink, binder, wax pencils, hot glue gun, etc... You name it, I used it in the creative process. I ended up with a series of 31 little artworks which had some interesting personalities. They seem to each have an organic, intuitive meaning to them. Then... It just jumped out at me... This had "oracle deck" written all over it. I chose those that resonated best with me, and selected 24 from the pile. I then scanned them and imported them to my computer. Most of the cards are "as is" from the artistic process, but a few where enhanced with some filters to boost up the saturation or contrast. or modify some of the hues. After printing them up and laminating them... Voilà! A cute little intuitive oracle, fit for an artist. 😊 Time to get acquainted with each and everyone of them. More to come on that later.
These are the original artworks, made from multiple art mediums.
And here are the scanned cards.
Back and front. I did number them so I can tell upright/reverse,
but I made it VERY inconspicuous so it doesn't look garish.

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  1. Look forward to hearing how you interpret these (which I'm sure helped you intuitively pick out the cards for your oracle!). :)


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