Thursday, December 08, 2016

This is Australia

When I was young, I use to be one of those hypersensitive person; couldn't take criticism, couldn't take a joke, didn't "get" sarcasm. Since I moved to Australia, I've come to accept (even embrace) the Aussie way of poking fun at yourself, others, and life in general. Life is tough here... Nature will make sure to remind you of this! Between crazy weather that will destroy your home and bugs that cannot only ruin your picnic but positively put you in the hospital for a long time, humour and poking fun at the fickleness of life is what helps alleviate the duress of existence in the land Downunder. Nobody embodies this better than Isla Fisher, and her AACTA acceptance speech reflects this perfectly. :)


  1. My husband just came back from his second 3 week visit down under. I love seeing those experiences blended into his personality and humor

    1. Hi Sharyn! It's such a beautiful rugged country with a character all of its own... It's hard not to get imprinted with a lasting influence. :) Whereabouts did your hubby visit?


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