Friday, December 16, 2016

They make'em BIG, down here!

A few days ago, a friend of mine had a very creepy encounter of the eight-legged kind. She told me she found this little friend after she had a shower... It was hidden behind her towel! She calmly wiped herself down, got dressed, tippy-toed past it, went to the kitchen to get a jug (big enough for it), and then coaxed it into it before returning it to her garden. She's braver than I am! Had it been me in this situation, the scenario would've been more akin to a Vaudeville scene; me, dripping wet and butt-naked, running through the house and screaming at top volume.

Remember the movie "Jaws" and Roy Scheider's famous phrase,
"you're gonna need a bigger boat"?


  1. Your reaction would be the same as C's. :D That is a big one; any idea what kind it is?

    1. They're called "huntsman spiders", and for good reasons... They're bloody fast and hunt their preys by chasing them down, not by waiting in the middle of a web. :)


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