Friday, December 02, 2016

Slowly but surely

Goodbye myopia! It's just a matter of time. How long, you might ask? I don't know and frankly... I don't care. After 38 years of wearing stupid nerd goggles, I really don't give a hoot how long it will take me to wean myself off these stupid 14th century contraptions. This is what I've achieved so far in only one month.

Initial prescription
Right eye: -7.25 dioptre (distance to blur point, 13.3cm)
Left eye: -7.0 dioptre (distance to blur point 15cm)

Current prescription
Right eye: -6.25 dioptre (distance to blur point 15.5cm)
Left eye: -6.0 dioptre (distance to blur point 16cm)

My right eye (non-dominant) is catching up to my left one. I do believe that on my next pair of glasses, I will be able to equalise my prescription and get the same strength in both eyes. The speed of improvement will eventually slow down as I get into the lower range of myopia; closer to 20/20 without glasses. I will need to be extra patient and persistent, but until then... I'm enjoying those tumbling numbers tremendously. :)

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