Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Interesting articles

This is an interesting article on myopia. What has my goat is the terminology "finding a cure". Nearsighted eyes aren't ill nor broken in any way... They are simply responding to a stimulus (minus lenses) that induces axial elongation, therefore causing a refractive error upon the retina. And according to this article, axial elongation is reversible. It is only a matter of changing the stimulus, allowing the eye to seek out clear focus itself by reducing its axis naturally, and time. In a case like mine... Lots of time! Probably years worth of retraining... But yeah... My passion will compensate for my lack of patience. ;)


  1. What is the difference between this technique and people who have never worn glasses but obviously need them? It seems their eyes would eventually adjust?

    1. What you might be thinking of are folks who have what's called "pseudomyopia" or NITM (Near-Induced Transient Myopia). These people might simply accept (and get used to) the blurriness in their vision, caused by locked up ciliary muscles due to too much up-close work. Not rushing off to the optometrist at that stage is perhaps a wise choice, as this would result in their first pair of minus dioptre glasses, and the slow decline and deformation of the eyeball (lens induced myopia), and the eventual need for more and more minus. In order to release the ciliary muscles from their up-close focal point spasm, these folks need to wear plus reading glasses while doing up-close work, reduce the amount of time on near-focus activity and do more distant active focus, preferably outdoors, in the shade, with good natural sunlight.

      Bare in mind soulsis, I'm talking about myopia here (nearsightedness or blurriness at a distance). Presbyopia (blurriness up-close) is a different kettle of fish. It's an age related thing and is due to the lens getting harder (lens flexible). But I have seen techniques for presbyopia that seem to follow a similar precept.


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