Friday, November 25, 2016


Many birds in Australia have a funny yet effective way of getting rid of external parasites... They sunbathe. This is one of our local male magpie, sunning himself against our fence. Basically, they fluff up their feathers and overheat their bodies. The bugs mustn't like it very much and jump off. Simple and effective. :)

No... He's not dead... Just sunbathing to get rid of parasites.


  1. I saw a blue jay out in the yard doing this, and thought for sure it had been injured. But as soon as I walked over to check on it, it flew off! :)

    1. Must be a trick many birds have learnt over time. This little guy was so still for so long, I thought he was dead! When I took the photo, he turned his head towards me, so I knew he was okay... Just sun-basking. :)


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