Sunday, October 02, 2016

The neighbours are gonna hate me

Have a problem? Need help? How do YOU get your man to help you out? Some women cajole or promise "favours," but in our household, all I need to do is suggest the idea of spending money (even if it is, my own,) and that normally gets my hubby moving. LOL! :D

A while ago, my surround sound system on my gaming computer broke down and since then, I've been using a really crappy 2.1 speaker system that just doesn't cut it for me. I'm very much a sound-oriented individual, and when I play immersive games such as Far Cry Primal (where your senses are constantly on edge), I wanna be able to hear that sabertooth tiger sneaking up behind me. So... I told my husband I was going to go down to JB HiFi and buy myself a simple 5.1 Logitech sound system. That sent him into penny-pinching overdrive. LMAO! He suggested I try out our old Samsung home theater which we weren't using anymore, and guess what... It works! OMG, this is just SO LOUD!! :D Talk about being in the heat of the action! I'm a happy little camper. :)

See those four big towers? There's also a sound bar behind the monitor, and a big boom box below.


  1. I bet the cats steer clear of your room when you're in play mode! :D

    1. Yes... Husband included. It seems to create a void vortex around me. LOL! :D


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