Sunday, September 04, 2016


Here we are, officially packed and ready to go on our holiday, with not much else to do but tidy up for Wednesday morning... But what's up with Angel!?!?! She started licking her injured leg (her hock) COMPULSIVELY!! She licked off a bald patch!!! WTF!?!?! Is this psychological (she knows we're leaving and is putting on a show), or is her injury truly giving her grief? STRESS, ANYONE!?!?!? :(


  1. Is she limping or favoring that leg at all? I wonder if she did a jump and aggravated the muscles and tendons that were healing. Call the vet. (((Hugs to all the clan)))

    1. (((soulsis))) Thanks darl. She isn't limping or showing signs of lameness, but she is a bit more reclusive and less active. :( I'm keeping and eye on her. She doesn't like me touching her little bald patch. She doesn't even want me to use the AAH Light on her (she walks away). Hubby reckons it's partially psychological... He may have a point because each year (in the past, before her injury), she use to lick the inside part of one of her front legs until she had a bald spot, and it's normally before or after we've gone on holidays.

    2. She probably got a heads up not only from the packing, but from the "cleaning tornado" that went through the house. :) Are there any de-stress drops for cats?

    3. Not that I know of... But the owner would benefit from some. LOL! :D I think a de-stressed owner would result in de-stressed cats. ;) Hopefully, they'll be mega-changes in moods once we return (for all of us!)


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