Thursday, September 29, 2016

LED candles

I got an early b-day gift from a dear friend of mine. I am stoked! :D Luv, luv, LOOOOOVE it!


  1. Very cool! They look great! As soon as I saw your post I did a search and have just bought some for myself �� . Thanks from me too!

    Ariel xox

    1. Thank Bev for that, matey! :) By the way... You're a better sleuth than I am. I looked everywhere for these durn things and couldn't source them anywhere. Had to ask my soulsister to get me some for me for my b-day, and since she couldn't get them shipped from America (perhaps to do with the battery), she ordered some from within Oz! I'm a pathetic hound dog, aren't it?! :D LOL!

    2. I was hoping they flickered as described - many of these type of candles found here don't! Glad you like them (they look great on your altar). :) Even Mia seems happy with that headbutt she gave you at the end - though I imagine that is just relief that mom and dad are home from their holiday!

    3. They are just fantastic! The flickering and amber colour really give off the effect of real candles. :) Thank you again, B!
      As for Mia... Weeeeeell... Didn't last long! She's back to her bitchy, paw-swatting, hissing self. LOL! :D


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