Monday, August 15, 2016


Yesterday was the last day of the 2016 Brisbane Showgrounds exhibition (better known as the EKKA). Last night, our VoIP home phone rang... It never ever does! My initial reaction was one of concern, as the only few people that would call on this phone (and at as such a weird hour), would be my family back in Canada. Lo and behold, it was a lady from the EKKA. Hubby passed me the phone; "hello?" I asked. "Yes, this is such-and-such from the Brisbane Showgrounds... Just calling to let you know there is a lady here who is very interested in one of your drawings that's not for sale." I froze in a moment of silence, not knowing quite what to say. "Err... Can you put her own?" I asked. "Sure... Here you go." This lady went on, ranting and raving about my artwork and asking if she could purchase it. (!?!?!) "I'm so sorry," I kindly replied, "but I can't... It's already spoken for." She was still very interested in my stuff and asked if I had a website with my artwork on display (which of course, I provided her with the web address.) When I hung up the phone, I had a frozen-deer-in-the-headlight disbelief look on my face... Hubby had a monstrous grin on his. "Told you, you wouldn't have any trouble selling them!" So this morning, I'm off to pick them up for my patrons... I'll be walking/driving on air! :)

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