Wednesday, August 10, 2016

There's always next year

So the results are in: no wins at the EKKA this year. I will admit, the competition was incredibly fierce! So many lovely artwork! Oh well... There's always next year. :)

Right now, priority one is to get the house ready for the pet-sitter, and get ourselves organised for our much needed holiday. Our little Angel is back to her crazy rambunctious self; teasing her sister, running amok and generally acting like a possessed cat (I guess 3 weeks of enforced rest will do that to her.) As for me, amidst the general kerfuffle, I am back on my early morning walks and working on two different projects; one being a drawing I've been meaning to finish, and the other is a more personal "crafty" project (a small portable shrine.) I'm hoping to finish both before we leave in September, but if not... It'll have to wait 'til we get back.

Mother Nature in her early morning glory.


  1. That must have been some fierce competition! But that is wonderful news about Angel. Hope you'll email me some photos of the portable altar later. :)

    1. They has some really amazing drawings, this year... The one that won third place was unbelievable! I seriously thought someone had messed up and accidentally hung a photograph in the drawing section.
      I will most definitely email you pics of my little shrine. :) I'm hoping to finish it soon, but it all depends on how quickly the teeny-tiny little paper-mâché sculptures I made dry up. ;)


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