Monday, July 18, 2016

Tag teaming our kitties

It seems we've acquired a seasonal pass to the vet. Angel is now sneezing (on top of her bung leg), and our big Boofy is coughing and gurgling like mad, so we have to take both of them in today. It's going to be a crazy rollercoaster ride... I'll be taking Angel in for her appointment, and my husband will take Mia in for her appointment (luckily, we have two pet-carriers and two vehicles). Because both consultations are at slightly different times, we're not keen on forcing them to wait at the vet for half an hour + to get both cat seen, so to minimise the stress on them, we're taking it on for ourselves and play "tag-team". I just hope their sneezing and coughing are a simple case of cat flu flare-up.


  1. Goodness, it sounds like she has whooping cough or croup! Sending antiviral, healing hugs and thoughts your way. Keep me posted on what the vet says!

    1. Dave reckons she sounds like a smoker, waking up in the morning. :( Poor thing! We got her antibiotics in time... Today, she's gurgling more than ever and her eyes are starting to get teary.


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