Friday, July 15, 2016

Ratty's prognosis

Our baby in pain, on Wednesday morning.
After several days of ordeal, upheaval and heartache, our little monkey is back home with good news. As much as it pained all of us to have to get her through the trauma of hospitalisation and x-rays, the vet's prognosis is a welcomed one; no hip dislocation, no fracture and no torn tendons or ligaments. She has a MEGA bruise on her right hip (the doc parted her fur and it was BLUE! I think you can relate, B.) She must've taken one hell of a plunge and probably landed on her hip, possibly onto something, and corked her muscle badly. She was in a lot of pain... I say "was", because currently, she's on heavy duty kitty morphine-derivative drug. We're also giving her Metacam, a rather controversial NSAID for cats. It's been blacklisted by the FDA but is still used in Canada, Australia and the UK. That being said, the doc had to really convince me this was a good idea as this type of drug has been known to cause kidney issues (and even fatalities) in cats and dogs. She said this occured at much, much higher dosage (0.3ml/kg) and over a long term use; we are giving her 0.05ml/kg and only for 3 to 5 days. This painkiller is similar to Voltaren for humans; it takes away pain and swelling in muscles and joints. This, along with the morphine, restriction of movement, wet food, rest, plenty of water, lots of TLC and time should get her back on her paws and chasing geckos and cockroaches in no time.

The makeshift convalescing room.
How much do we love her? Enough for me turn my office into a convalescent room for our baby. She's contained within, with all her amenities, and hubby and I take turns, sleeping in here at night and keeping an eye on her. Everything is kept low so as not to encourage jumping up, and we have a little oil heater in there to keep her warm. Of course, her big sister likes to bellow and caterwaul at the door to be let in, and we do let her visit with her when she does, but the most important thing is that Angel keeps calm and sedate while her leg heals. Easier said than done! Since getting morphine, the pain has decreased massively, and she wants to be more active... I'd have an easier time nailing Jell-o to the wall!

Her favourite, safe spot... The carrier.


  1. Well dang, now I want my own personal "rest and recuperate" spa room now! :) I know she's going to need some time to get better (I can attest to that), but I'm so glad it is something she can heal from. I imagine the crankiness you spoke of in your email has a lot to do with the morphine. While it's great with the pain, she won't be able to think straight, so I imagine that might have something to do with her "cat-titude" in addition to her natural "hide and heal" behavior.

    1. I fear this room will become a full-time hospital for injured and sick cats. Now, it's our Boofy that's taken a turn for the worst. She'd been coughing for a bit, but now it's turned into gurgling and hacking up phlegm. :( They are both booked in on Monday, but at slightly different times, so it's a bit of a juggling hassle. To try and minimise the stress of the vet clinic, hubby and I will have to tag-team... I will take Angel at her appointment (4:15pm), and hubby will take Mia in a bit later for her appointment (at 4:55pm) while I head home. What a horrible year 2016 has been so far! It can't end soon enough.

    2. Does Mia have the cat flu? Hope both your girls get better soon!

    3. We don't know if it's a flare-up of the cat flu or something worst, soulsis. They are both booked in to see the vet on Monday. As for Ratty, she is now sneezing like crazy! Seriously... Does it ever ends!?


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