Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Little Ratty's not well

Our little monkey is unwell. She's limping and doesn't want to bear weight on her right hind leg. We don't know what happened... Perhaps she fell and hurt herself. She looks tremendously uncomfortable and in a lot of pain. We're off to the vet this arvo. Please send some prayers our way... My heart breaks seeing her like this. :(


  1. Oh dear! It's so hard to see animals and babies in pain because they can't explain what's going on or what happened. I hope she's only had a sprain or something that can be made better simply by rest. Please keep us posted!

    1. Well... We got back quite late, last night. The vet reckons nothing is broken, but she wasn't sure if her hip might be dislocated. She said it didn't feel like it, but when she put her on the ground to watch her walk, she was hobbling as if it was. If it is, it's a big worry! We're talking serious surgery. We opted to wait and see if her gait would improve in time. She's on some heavy duty pain killers at the moment, and quite relieved to be back home. We need to keep her contained and prevent her from walking around too much... That should be fun, not! Please pray it's only a sprain and there is no dislocation. :( xo

    2. Soothing, healing thoughts for all of you! Maybe the drugs will help her not move around so much. (((A)))

    3. She's getting worst. :'( She's booked in for another appointment today, at 11:25am. More prayers needed. xoxo

    4. Prayers and good thoughts heading your way. Hugs and comfort to all of you!

    5. Thanks luv! :) Prayers got answered! xoxo


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