Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Is there no end in sight?

So last night, we got back from the vet with some good and not so good news: the good news is, Mia is in good condition (albeit having this flu flare-up and, to use the vet's exact expression, is a bit on the "portly" side. LOL!) The bad news is, Angel also has the cat flu, on top of her leg injury. :( The poor thing is a wreck! She's such a sweet, gentle cat... Extremely trusting and passive... But I think even she has her limits. She's been telling her "helicopter mum" to piss off and let her rest. She's had enough of syringes of laxatives in her mouth, legs being poked and pulled, and getting taxied to this dreaded place that's noisy and smells of wet dogs. The vet said to us if her sniffles and sneezes turn into weepy, crusty eyes and wheezy breathing, then we should bring her in pronto. I say "no"... I'll call the vet and ask if we could simply get a course of antibiotic like Mia's... Ain't no way I'm putting her through more stress. She's had a gut full (literally, hence the need for laxatives.) As for her leg, the doc reckons she's damaged the anterior crutiate ligament. Whether it's torn or simply damaged is a matter of wait and see. She said to give her another week or so and see if her gait improves. Cats, like humans, can take many weeks before ligaments heal. She also suggested we see a physiotherapist and get her assessed (yes... There is such a thing for pets, apparently.)


  1. Mia and Angel said to tell you to go drink some chamomile tea and relax so they can too. As someone recently told me, give time, time. Things will change eventually - hang in there!

  2. How are the two patients and their nurse holding up?

    1. Running on one cylindre. :( I am thoroughly exhausted from lack of sleep... I've been sleeping in the small office with Ratty, and she keeps me up at night with her post-scratching, bicky-munching, litterbox-using noise. She also insists on being close to her human momma, so there's not much room in the sleeping bag.
      As for Boof, the bad coughing has subsided and there isn't much gurgling left, but she now has a bad tummy ache and occasionally vomits (due to the antibiotic). That should pass once she's over with the medication.
      Hubby and I hope thing will fully be back to normal by September... We REALLY need that holiday in Cairns. :(


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