Saturday, July 23, 2016

AAHmazing indeed!

Since our little Angel's injury, I have been scouring the web for a drug-free, surgery-free alternative to help our fur-baby recover. I happen to stumble upon a YouTube video of a lady who managed to fix her dog's injured crucial ligament with LLLD therapy. "What the bloody hell is THAT?" was my first reaction. LLLD stand for "low level laser therapy". Unlike high intensity laser that use coherent light to cut through tissues, low level lasers use incoherent light to stimulate cellular growth. It was developed by NASA whilst studying the growth of plants in space.

At first, I thought this was pure science-fiction! How can an LED light cause such an effect in the body? After much research, I thought the theory sounded plausible, and the feedback from folks that had tried this protocol was nothing short of glowing (pun intended.) So, I did a fair amount of scrounging online and finally settled on one company that manufactured a portable LLLD device... The AAH-Light. It didn't come cheap, but the alternative (surgery), is astronomical compared to the price of this device... Not to mention the stress that our beloved pet would have to endure by getting such an invasive procedure.

When I first tried the AAH-light on hubby, he could feel where the beam was, even with his eyes closed. I, on the other hand, couldn't feel any tingling nor heat... Nuthin'! I'll tell you what I did feel, though... Relief! The pain in my knee that had been plaguing me since I dislocated my kneecap... Gone! Wow! After such an instant relief, I thought I'd try it on our little Angel. I ran the device on her sore leg, and she immediately relaxed, flipped her head upside down (in a very submissive and trusting way), and started purring... LOUDLY! First time she purred since her injury! Okay... Something was going on here. Lo and behold... After only a couple of treatment, we went from a cat who refused to move (AT ALL), to one who was walking around gingerly and putting weight on her leg. How crazy is that!?

The medical industry needs to sit up and take notice of these things. I was sceptical at first... Now, I believe there IS definitely something to it. Angel has improved so fast, in such a short period of time, that we are now letting her out of the nursing room (supervised, of course.) We've blocked off the downstairs access within the house to prevent her from putting strain on her leg and re-injuring herself. It's a bit of a hassle as we have to access downstairs via the front door, walk outside and get through the downstairs front door (fun to do the laundry, not), but it's only temporary. Aaaahhh... The things we do for love. :)

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