Saturday, June 11, 2016

Armed and dangerous

So, after 2 weeks of incessant coughing, waking up in sheer terror in the middle of the night due to bronchial spams that leave you gagging for air, I got fed up with it last Thursday night when I reached my limit. My chest was so constricted and my sinuses so impacted that I struggled to breathe out of my nose and mouth (fear, anyone?) What was I suppose to do at this point... Breathe out of my @$$? Sorry but (bad pun), I only “exhale” from my @$$. That’s when I recorded that little sound clip  below. No... I hadn’t swallowed a squeaky toy!

I took an appointment to see my doc for Saturday morning, and so I went today. His take on it was that I have a bronchitis/sinusitis combo with aggravations caused by asthma and allergies. Nice!! So... After shoving me on the nebulizer for a few minutes (which helped open up my chest tremendously), he sent me home with a veritable plethora of medicine; antibiotics, a puffer and some strong prescription-only syrup. We had to go to three different chemist to find this syrup he prescribed... Most likely it’s not commonly stocked as it is a restricted substance (pure codeine phosphate!) Yes folks... I tried curing myself with grandma and grandpa’s ol’ folk remedies (you name it, I tried it), but this infection was so bloody strong and resilient that even throwing the kitchen sink at it wouldn’t budge it. After only one dose of those tough modern drugs, I am feeling SOOOOOO much better!! Those are the times I scream “huzzah for modern drugs!!” If sticks and stones don’t cut it, upscale to an A bomb and an H bomb! To hell with dem viruses and bacteria! They better run for the hill, now. I’m armed and dangerous!

On a more sobering note, today was the 6th anniversary of our furry baby's passing. We still miss our Xena terribly. I recently had the portrait I did of her framed by a good mate of mine. She once more graces our lounge room with her gentle countenance.


  1. I'm with you - if the simple remedies don't work, go for the pharmaceutical ones! Hope you kick this to the curb soon.
    Is the portrait painted or done with colored pencil? It's beautiful. :)

    1. Thanks soulsis! It's coloured pencil... Of course! ;)

      For the first time in 2 weeks, I finally managed to get some sleep last night! Alleluia! It only took a measley 50mg of pure codeine to knock me out, though... Enough to sedate a small horse! LOL!

      The most disturbing thing at the moment is the fact that I can't smell nor taste anything... I mean... Nothing! Dear hubby made a beautiful chocolate cake to cheer me up. Couldn't smell the heavenly scent as it baked, couldn't taste it either (just the soft, moist texture). Hubby asked me "do you like it?"... I just burst into tears! I felt so bad that I couldn't taste it, and he put so much effort into it. Yeah, I know... Crying over cake! LOL! I guess that's what 2 weeks worth of sleep deprivation does to you.

    2. I bet you'll get your sense of smell and taste back before the cake rums out. :)


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