Saturday, May 07, 2016

Shuffling around

Lately. I've been quite busy downsizing, throwing things away and re-shuffling things around in our household. My husband and I are planing on buying a new vehicle in the near future, and because it is so much bigger than the current one we have, we need to make space in our garage for it. Consequently, I've been moving stuff around downstairs, upstairs, in my workshop, studio, and in my computer room. etc... I've managed to throw away so much rubbish and compact things down to practically nothing in my office/computer room. The new vehicle that will soon grace one of our garages is a Ford Ranger, and it is a hell of a step-up from the tiny little Holden Barina we currently own!

Panoramic (fish-eye) view of what my office looks like, now. I got rid of lots of crap, including a useless desk.


  1. You guys could probably tow your house with that Ford Ranger. :) Cool fish-eye panoramic!

    1. In the future, that's what we're hoping to do, soulsis! ;D Gypsy life, here we come!


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