Friday, May 13, 2016

Hubby is ill

My husband has been quite sick with bronchitis for over a week. We thought he was on the mend last Tuesday, but instead, he took a turn for the worst. There is nothing more terrifying than to see a love one, struggling in pain and fear with each and every breath they take. I'm taking him to see the doctor, today. Please send some much needed prayers our way... They are appreciated.


  1. Will do. Hope he comes home with some good meds to help him feel better soon. Gentle hugs to patient and "nurse."

    1. Thanks lyv! xx (((B))) The doc's verdict had me floored... Possible pertussis (whooping cough!) Apparently, there's been a recent increase in patients coming in for consultations with symptoms just like D, and it turn out it's an adult version of whooping cough. Hubby is going through his version of my Florida 2010. Doc prescribed antibiotics and a puffer for his lungs. Fingers-crossed he gets through this quickly and without any sequels (I ended up coughing on-and-off for months, even after I was over the infection.)

    2. I remember well - we all (except C) ended up with it too! They are now giving adult vaccines here in the States for it. I guess once you reach a certain age, you become vulnerable to it again. Please send him my wishes for a quick recovery!

    3. Oh dear Lord! :O Please don't tell me I'm the vector agent that brought this pestilence to your household in 2010!?! F***!!!

      He's in the wars, soulsis... We thought that the antibiotic and puffer would make him feel better, but alas! The pills make him vomit and give him diarrhea, and the puffer dry his mouth and throat out and affect his sense of taste (in his words, "everything tastes like sh**!".) Not sure what to do next... Get new medication, I guess. :(

    4. Oh dear... He's probably like me - rarely takes antibiotics, so when a strong one is ingested it wreaks havoc. Maybe ask for something not so strong? Peppermint might help with the puffer problem. Sending healing, calming thoughts to both of you!

    5. Thanks soulsis! The nausea seems to have settled down. I suggested he tried taking the antibiotic "with" food, instead of before or after... It seems to do the trick. His gut is still... Well... I'll spare you the details! He's not one for herbal teas, but at this stage, he says he'll try anything to get rid of that ghastly taste it his mouth. Poor thing! :(


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