Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Orokl divination system

A few days ago, I posted up an entry that presented this primitive divination system that came to me during a dream. It is incredibly intuitive and tends to mutate the meanings of the stone and symbols, depending on the combination within a cast. It's rather hard to explain, but bear with me... I will attempt to do so without turning this post into a novel (yeah... right!)

In the image below, you can see the stones sitting on their respective symbols, in their appropriate "worlds" (quadrants).

SKY WORLD (From East to North)
The realm of happiness, vitality, success, hope and entertainment

Sky World is the domain of the Singer and extroversion; it is bubbly, energetic, communicative, full of hope and good fortune... But it is also fickle, superficial, subject to external influence and mercurial.
  • Singer (yellow stone)
  • Communication, sharing, entertaining, story-telling, journaling, t.v., news, emails, letters, phone calls, speech, hearing, air, breath, the respiratory system.
  • Stars (grey speckled stone)
  • Hope, aspiration, wishes, fame, “stardom”, destiny, fate, shooting stars, fortune, luck, lottery, unexpected wins, blessings, astrology/astronomy, the cosmos, stars, comets, the nervous system.
  • Sun (Orange stone)
  • Energy, power, vitality, enthusiasm, joyful, optimism, giving, active, extroverted, life-force, daylight, daytime, brightness, campfire, fire, warmth, sunshine, summer, hot, dry, father (father-figure), male reproductive system.

NATURE WORLD (From North to West)
The realm of trials, challenges, endurance, competition and survival

Nature World is the realm of the hunter and action; it is forceful, persistent, demanding and requires resilience and wit to survive in it... But hard work pays off by bringing about resources, wealth, health, sustenance, and satisfaction of achieving a well-earned goal.
  • Hunter (red stone)
  • Drive, will, purpose, focused on a goal, work, achieving, hunting, seeking, searching, eyes-on-the-prize, tracking a trail, investigating, the circulatory system (blood, heart).
  • Tree (petrified wood)
  • Resources, materials, supplies, gathering, investing, planting, growth, nurturing, harvesting, trees/plants/herbs, timber, medicine, healing, bones, spine and skeletal structure.
  • Animal (red/white marbled stone... Durn thing looks like a chunk of meat!)
  • Challenges, opportunities, goals, achievements, trophies, initiations, rites of passage, trials, danger, aggression, attack/defence, unpredictability, wildness, instincts, animals (wild and domestic), meat, the muscular system.

SPIRIT WORLD (From West to South)
The realm of changes, transitions, adaptability, intuition, and the unknown

Spirit World is the domain of the Shaman and introversion; it is subtle, hidden, mysterious, secretive, transformative and in constant flux... One must learn to "go with the flow" and adapt to the changes that life brings about; all things born must one day die.
  • Shaman (black stone)
  • Mystery, secrets, the unknown and hidden, past issues, things that are overlooked, the unexplained, psychology/psychiatry, bridging the gap between the seen and unseen, ESP, the right brain hemisphere (intuition).
  • Ocean (spiral shell)
  • Travel, adventure, movement, journeys, exploration, wandering, depth, soul-searching, diplomacy, adaptability, flexibility, trying to understand, abroad, overseas, exile, boats, water, the lymphatic system.
  • Moon (white marble stone)
  • Emotions, feelings, moodiness, dreams, visions, nurturing, reflective, receptive, passive, introverted, cycles and changes (beginnings/endings), night time, mother, women’s reproductive system.

HUMAN WORLD (From South to East)
The realm of security, responsibility, order, experience, knowledge and power

Human World is the domain of the Elder and experience; it is logical, patient, erudite, crafty, creative, wise, structured and dependable... It is future-oriented but with a foothold in the past.
  • Elder (white stone)
  • Wisdom, knowledge, experience, intelligence, education, memories, history, mastery, teaching, leadership, judgement, expertise, authority, older person, grandparents, the left brain hemisphere (logic).
  • Ax (square stone shaped like an ax head)
  • Creativity, skills, ingenuity, solutions, problem-solving, inventions, transforming, building or destroying, recycling, tools and weapons (literal), metal, the digestive system.
  • Clan (white marble stone)
  • Groups, family, friends, marriage, associations, partnerships, kinship, relationships, bonds, ties, countries, genetics and DNA.

The realm of identity, personality, impressions and personal beliefs.

Personal World is the realm of the individual; how they see themselves and how the world perceives them. It represents the environment, the ego and most pressing things that are currently affecting the querent.
  • Totem (round pitted stone)
  • Individuality, identity, personal image, appearances, clothes, manners, first impression, how you influence the environment and vice-versa, choices, decisions, ecology, the Earth, the element of earth, body image and ego.

Each image/symbol on the cloth ties in with the meaning of their respective stones. Once the stone are cast on the mat, I look at the stones, where they have landed, how they connect to their respective image on the cloth, etc... It's kind of like looking at a map and figuring out the path and connections between the dots. Stones that fall at the centre are most important, but a stone that gets thrown off the mat is also just as important (it can represent a factor that is totally overlooked or missing from the equation.) I really can't get into the umthieth detail because it is so very changing... This oracle is incredibly intuitive in its process. This is not a fortune-telling device but a system that allows the reader to reflect, analyse and think out loud to try and sort things that may lay dormant on a subconscious level. All the answers are found within; the Orokl only brings out what is hidden.


  1. For something that looks simple at first glance, it sounds like a very complex oracle! I imagine it is very personal too, which I bet is where its intuitive nature arises. Makes me think of the sacred wheel I made - definitely more of a contemplative tool than a divinatory one. Great job!

    1. It's down-to-earth yet incredibly complex, with many layers of hidden depth... Kinda like me! LOL! ;) Yup! I reckon that's why it is so personal and subjective. At this stage, it is most definitely a contemplative tool for myself, but I wonder if practice and familiarity in interpreting it would open the door to offering guidance and perspective for others. :/ Still no fortune-telling tool, though... More like a reflective map.

  2. Wow, this is really amazing, especially considering that it all came from a dream! I work with the runes most, but I'm always interested in different methods of divination, etc. Would it be all right with you if I made my own? Or, if you were to make them, I would certainly purchase one, and I think others would be interested too. Perhaps you could provide the mat and an instruction sheet, and people could use their own stones, shells, etc that have personal meaning for them. Just a thought.
    xx Katie.

    1. Thanks ApartmentCat! Because the Orokl is very intuitive and personal, it would be very hard for me to create it for others and pigeonhole all the different meanings and permutations possible. But you are more than welcome to make your own! I highly encourage it. There is nothing more satisfying than creating your very own oracle and connecting with it, one on one. Cheers! :)

  3. Hiya Carole,

    The Orokl is very cool! The mat reminds me a bit of the Tibetan Wheel of Life �� .

    Ariel xo

    1. Thanks matey! :) It does have a mandala feel to it, doesn't it!


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