Friday, April 08, 2016

Simple joy

Both of my fur-kids have a way of reading my moods and bringing me back to an even keel when I most need it, especially Angel. I've been struggling with fibro and am constantly in pain; consequently I am quite grumpy and taciturn. My art as been my solace and I've been focusing on finishing a second drawing for this year's EKKA exhibition. It's keeping my mind off my woes, but it's also pulling me into a self-absorbed vortex! Today, my little cheeky monkey was acting up... following me around, calling out to me with her little fur toy in her mouth, and forcing me to follow her to the lounge room. What was it all about? She just wanted some downtime with her mommy, sitting in the sun and relaxing. This brought things back into perspective for me. Today, I eased off the artwork, chilled out with my fur-kids and you know what? Tonight... The muscle aches are much less painful. It's a fact... Too much stress will worsen the  fibromyalgia symptoms. Animals are precious! They know much more than we give them credit for. :)

The simple joys of life... Some sun, a comforting toy, and a good buddy's company.


  1. This is exactly why pets can be such an important part of our families. Sometimes they know us better than anyone else!

    1. I totally agree, B! Our girls are the lynchpin in our household... They're the reason I get out of bed everyday (literally... They won't let me sleep in! LOL!) ;D
      Thanks darl. Some days are better than others. I've just learnt to swim with the days that flow smoothly, and to stay afloat when the waves of pain hit. Not much else I can do. :) xoxo


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