Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Not what we had planed

My husband has decided to join me on a weight loss journey. I opt for a 5:2 intermittent fasting lifestyle, he prefers the old fashion number crunching and calorie restriction (which I abhor!) We had only started a week ago when we both got struck down by a bout of food poisoning last Friday. After three days, struggling with food and liquids, we thought it might be funny to see what numbers would appear on the scale. As my husband said; "granted, these are artificially enhanced by our food poisoning incident, but I'll take any low number as encouragement!" Last Sunday, I was 67.5kg (148lbs), I'm now 65.1kg (143lbs). I'm not expecting this number to hang around on our next weight-in, though. LOL! :D


  1. You poor souls - food poisoning can sure wring you out and hang you up to dry! I hope you both are getting your strength back. And I'm very glad the python is not still hanging around!!! (((C & D)))

    1. Thanks soulsis! I was quite surprised at how harsh it grips the whole body, not just the gut. We both had pain all over and suffered a bad headache on top of the "explosive evacuation". And yes... I'm glad Clyde decided to stay out of our loo! ;) xx


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