Thursday, March 10, 2016

Power staff

The 2013 piece of driftwood
In December 2013, while on a walk with my husband at the Boondall Wetlands, I came across a lovely piece of driftwood. It was gnarled and polished by years of rolling out at sea. I just had to take it home with me.

After much sanding and buffing back, I discovered the gorgeous red coloured wood that was lying beneath all the black rotted surface. I wasn't sure what sort of wood it was at first, but I am now quite certain that it is an old branch of mangrove wood (either grey, red, or river mangrove... All those species do grow in the Nudgee Beach area.) There is something powerful and meaningful about this piece of wood... Perhaps it is because the wetlands have always fascinated me. It is where fresh and salt water meet... Where Mother Nature purifies the water before returning it to the ocean. It seems to have a similar effect on me; I tend to go there for a walk and a bit of meditative contemplation when I am emotionally overwhelmed.
The wooden staff, as of today

Recently... I discovered Girraween National Park with my husband. This national park near the New South Wales border has a similar effect on me; somehow, I feel empowered and at peace when I go there. Perhaps it is something radiating from all the granite rocks... Who knows! On our last visit, I found a beautiful chip of granite that was beckoning to me... I just had to take it home! And so after all these years, I finally decided to join these two special gifts of nature together, and create a power-staff for myself. The driftwood and granite piece will not be the only thing I will be combining to create this "portable altar", but I will also be adding bits and pieces that bear meaning to me. Stay tune for the final outcome of this personal project! :)

The chunk of granite I found at Girraween.

The current shaped and polished piece.


  1. Love how the wood has a twisted appearance at the top - beautiful! How in the world did you polish a piece of granite?! (You never cease to surprise me :D).

    1. Let's just say I have a new found appreciation for tombstone makers. LOL! I mangled one belt sander and one diamond-tipped Dremel bit to achieve this.

      Not only does this piece of granite remind me how very special Girraween is to me, but it's VERY representative of my personality... Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn. I'll need many, MANY years of patience and wisdom to polish my own life. LOL! :D


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