Saturday, March 19, 2016

Meanwhile... Back in Australia

I'm one of those rare people who love snakes... I mean... I am just FASCINATED by them! But this... THIS... Err... I'm sorry! That's enough to creep me out into moving back to Canada! This is what greeted me this afternoon when I went for a leak. As I'm posting this, the little bugger is still in there, and the snake catchers I called won't come out for it unless it is fully out of the crapper (they tend to slither back down the pipe when scared, so they don't bother with them unless they are easy to catch... Gee! Thanks!) The scariest thing is, when I get up for a leak at night, I don't bother turning on the lights... I just sit, wizz and the go back to bed. I won't be doing THAT anymore!

Oh hello, there!!! Do you need to use this toilet?
Sorry... I might stay here for a few hours and totally wreck your Saturday afternoon...
Not to mention your nighttime habits, sleep, and sanity.


  1. Okay, the words that came out of my mouth when I saw that photo are some I probably shouldn't put on your blog! Good heavens, I would have had a heart attack right there! I had heard of such occurrences, but thought they were more myth than real life. I'll have to revise that now! I have a habit of not turning on the light when I go to the bathroom at night - I don't think I'll be doing that anymore! I would ask if it was poisonous, but as C says: Everything in Australia is poisonous!
    Very glad you looked before you sat. :) Hope your ear infection is clearing up. Sending multiple virtual hugs!!!

  2. I had to research this (to find out how to prevent it!) and found this statement: "Invest in a multi-flap, which fits over your toilet pipe and allows water and waste to exit while keeping critters of all shapes and sizes from entering your space." I have no idea what this is, but maybe D will know!

  3. Don’t worry, soulsis... We got Clyde out of there (yes, I nicknamed it. LOL!) I had called a snake catcher and the guy said to me, “Jesus... again? That’s the third time this week in your area.” The guy didn’t wanna come get him unless the snake was totally out of the loo (if scared, they just slither back down and then it’s all pointless). In the end, we did what the guy had suggested... Leave the lid up, close the door, and wait. We had an infrared baby monitor pointed at the crapper, and knowing this was a nocturnal variety (I believe it was a spotted python), it eventually DID come out... After sunset. I was keeping an eye on it the whole time. We packed the girls away in one of our rooms, closed all the doors, got a laundry back and stick, and managed to coax the little fella into it. He was actually very placid and non aggressive... I think he was bloody cold and exhausted! Lord knows how long he had been swimming about in the sewage system. D took him out in the backyard, near the fence line. These guys are amazing ratters, so I don’t mind him patrolling outside at night... I just don’t want him in my crapper! How he got in there boggles the mind! We have closed sewer systems in Australia... For him to get up in our toilet like he did, he would’ve had to first get in through another toilet system... Somewhere, in our area. Considering what the snake catcher said to us, I reckon that’s the case. The funny thing is, there’s a snake show happening at the Brisbane Showgrounds today, and D and I decided to go... For fun, and for questions. D took a couple of videos of it last night, when we got him out. I’ll post it up shortly. All is well here now... Rest assured, though... I won’t be going to the loo with the lights out anymore! LOL! :D


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