Sunday, March 20, 2016

A happy ending

We finally got Clyde (our toilet resident) out into nature, last night. If you're wondering why he's in a different toilet than the previous photo, that's because we have two toilets in our household, and our trapped guest kept swimming from one loo to the next in a desperate bid to get out of there. After several ours of monitoring it with an infrared baby cam, he slithered out of there after sunset (being a nocturnal species). We managed to get him in a laundry bag, and hubby put him back outside, in our backyard. We are all relieved (Clyde included) that this is finally over, and everyone is safe and happy.


  1. You guys are nice people. Our toilet would in pieces from a shotgun blast. Of course, the snake would survive due to the fact that we don't own or shoot guns. He would get washed outdoors with the flood that would result from the plumbing being destroyed. :D Good thing he wound up at your house!

    1. LOL! I can picture the scene! :D I think I would've been much more freaked out if it was a red-bellied black or Eastern king brown (highly venomous and aggressive). Spotted pythons are constrictors and by nature, quite placid. The worst that could've happened is we'd had gotten a nasty nip (they have rows and rows of sharp little teeth), but D and I were VERY cautious and gentle with it. :)


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