Wednesday, February 03, 2016

No pain

So yesterday, I went to the dentist and had my second crown done. Having a CEREC done previously last year, I knew what to expect from the procedure; sore jaw muscles and tenderness where the anesthetic was injected... For days and days!! This time around, though, I was going to try and avoid such a long drawn out recovery period by addressing it with an aggressive post-op protocol treatment that may reduce the swelling, risk of infection and sensitivity.

After I got home, the first thing I did was rubbed some magnesium oil on the side of my jaw that had been worked on (this relaxes the muscles almost immediately and prevents what I call "lock-jaw.") Secondly, I drank loads of water... This flushed the anesthetic out of my system rather quickly. I then did some oil pulling for about 15 minutes and throughout the rest of the day, I rinsed my mouth out with salt water. And finally, I used some Fisiocream a few times to help prevent bruising and also to numb some of the soreness out. I was hoping that all these preventative treatments would attenuate the discomfort in the following days to come, and this morning, I woke up and it's as if no procedure was ever done to me... Nothing! I'm just pleasantly surprised. No pain, no cramps, no discomfort! There is only a very slight twinge if I yawn with my mouth gaping wide and pressure sensitivity on said tooth if I chew on that side of my mouth... Otherwise... Nuthin'! Zip! Dear Lord, I wish I had done that last time. I still have a few teeth that will eventually need to get capped, but next time, I'll know what to do. :)


  1. Glad to hear you found a way to greatly lessen your pain!

    1. So am I, soulsis! :) Whatever it was, it nipped it in the bud.


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