Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Circles or spirals?

Not so long ago, I had come to a junction in my life where something had changed irrevocably... Something I felt I had no control over. I just had to accept the change that was being dumped in my lap. To me, it felt like I was right back to where I started that journey! I felt like a dog, chasing its tail, going around in circles. But a good friend of mine pointed out to me that life isn't about circles, but spirals; once you walk a path, you experience the change... You ARE changed. You can never be the same as what you were when you first set off. It makes sense... But there's a hitch... Does this spiral curl upward and outward, or does it constrict onto itself and in a downward fashion? The former points to evolution, the later to regression. The struggle is to break free of the tension between these two fulcrums; am I wiser for the experience, or do I simply go back to my former ways and ignore all the lessons I have learnt? So even amidst a situation that I seemingly have no control over, I still have choice. Some days, I rise above the turbulence of transition, and other times I just collapse onto myself and don't want to deal with the chaos of insecurity... Today is one of those days... I'm quite fed up with a reoccurring theme in my life and I just can't deal with it.

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