Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Two more days!

It's only two more days before hubby and I leave for our short one week camper holiday up in Girraween National Park. I can't wait!! Both of us are fed up with the noisy neighbourhood. We're both tired, grumpy, and ready to say "G'bye" to the civilized world. Seven days of bliss!

Little Ratty bolting up the staircase
What have we been up to in these last few days? Well... My husband finally decided to put up a hand rail in our staircase (much needed since our pet-sitter is a septuagenarian who has dodgy locomotion).

I feel 200 grams lighter! Bye bye hair!
After three years of enduring the hassle that is long hair, I decided to get it cut short like I use to have it. Much more practically while living in campsites that have timed showers (and no need for conditioner).

My new Lockhead F-117
I also decided to get myself a new hybrid bicycle. This thing has 21 speed, saddle bags and only cost $270. Why so cheap? I had to put the damn thing together, and I did it all by myself. I love the fact that it's all black... It looks like a stealth fighter! LOL!

By far... The best thing to happen to me before going on our holiday is that my order from Eckersley's has arrived; my Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils are here!!! I am so excited!! Too bad I won't have time to try them out before we leave, but it gives me something to look forward to when we come back. I personally want to thank my dear soulsister from Georgia and my lovely friend from Brissy for the gift cards that made this purchase possible. These pencils are even dearer than the Luminance by Caran D'Ache, but from everything that I have heard from other colour pencil artists, they are simply amazing quality and well worth the price; German made, sturdy lead glued all the way through, eco-friendly, oil base (no wax bloom) excellent lightfastness... What's not to love about them!? Thank you so much, B and R! :) I know what y'all are going to say... You expect masterpieces from these outstanding pencils. Yikes! What have I gotten myself into!? ;)


  1. The haircut looks great on you! Did you get a new pair of glasses since the last time we Skyped? Love the saddlebags on your cool, new bike - I've not seen any of those before. Look forward to hearing how the new pencils work for you. :) You guys have fun on your trip!

    1. Thanks soulsis! Well spotted, my friend! Yes, I did get a new pair of glasses. I needed a stronger prescription as I'm slowly losing my close-up vision... Egad! Sign of the time. LOL :D

  2. Gadfry, those people in Georgia are like pixies....for what it's worth, I absolutely LOVE my Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils. A professional artist like you will do majorly-good things with them. Honestly, they are so good and keep a nice, sharp point with no crumbling.

    May you create more gorgeous artwork with them!

    1. Thanks matey! :) I can't wait to try these little beauties out.
      Yes, I've heard they are quite sturdy and not prone to breakage; a big plus in my book. It's probably the biggest strike I have against the Luminance (I cannot recount how many times I ended up sharpening one of them, only to see the lead snap out of its wooden casing. ARGH!)


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