Saturday, December 26, 2015

Not a foe, but an ally

Today, hubby and I decided to pull out the camper and get it set up in the backyard so we could clean it and get it ready for our upcoming trip. While D was setting things up inside, this HUGE fella flew in and settled down against one of the cushions. Unlike me, hubby isn't the squash-first-ask-questions-later type, so instead of dispatching of it, he decided to observe it. This was a rather strange mosquito; huge, colourful, with metallic iridescence! At no stage did it try to bite D, in fact, it placidly remained still and allowed my husband to get a good look at it. He rushed upstairs to fetch me and told me to grab my camera and macro lens. I took several photo of the big girl (I found out later that it's a female... Males have fuzzier antennas.) It STILL remained quietly stationary on the cushion! After the photo shoot, I Googled out some info on this peculiar mosquito, and this is what I found.

I never knew some mosquitoes were so beautiful AND helpful!


  1. Cool... so they feed on the larvae of blood-sucking mosquitoes? I know you are glad you didn't squash it! Hope you guys have a great trip.

    1. Yes... Very glad we didn't kill it. We got it out of our camper safely with a glass.
      Thanks soulsis! :) Camper is all ready to go... Less than a week to go before our relaxing little trip.


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