Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Early surprise

Santa dropped an early Christmas gift at my door, this morning; the "Wisdom of the Trees Oracle" by Jane Struthers. I've always been a big tree-hugger, and this is one deck that was sorely missing from my posse. I haven't sat down and properly got acquainted yet, but from what I have seen so far, this is one deck I don't regret purchasing. The imagery is beautiful, yet simple. It's not overloaded with symbolism, which is what I prefer. There is just enough information to "connect" with the tree's essential energies.

Unfortunately, my anal-retentive-perfectionist-self as already picked up on a booboo; the Indian Bean card has been misprinted as "Indian Beam". It's something I managed to remedy quickly with a sharp x-acto knife. This sort of hiccup makes me shake my head; I'm an amateur tarot/oracle artist and yet, prior to having my Viking Lenormand printed through Printer Studio, I revised each and every card several times before giving the printer the go-ahead... Why can't these big companies do the same? How can such a silly little mistake get passed unnoticed? Anywho... Time to whip out the old journal and start writing  up about the feelings, dreams and energies I pick up from each cards. :)


  1. These look nice! I remember bypassing them because I thought they only contained the ogham trees. I'm guessing they missed the typo because they have hundreds of printing jobs to do rather than just one (though I wonder if Struthers was allowed to preview it beforehand).

    1. I really like them! :) The artwork is vibrant, and I love the idea of the different suits (roots, trunks, leaves, fruits and flowers) and the energies they bring.
      Soulsis... I agree the printing workload might be different, but the printing company simply runs the design through the system and gets the cards printed out. Typos aren't their responsibility. It's up to the editor and artist to review the deck before sending it off for printing.


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