Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas is...

Spontaneous free-flowing doodle I did in my sketchbook this morning. I use to do a lot of this type of artwork when I was younger... It helped me greatly during difficult times. Free-flowing doodles are the artistic equivalent of automatic writing; uncensored arising emotions, translated into conjoint symbols. You can see from this doodle that I have rather mixed feelings about Christmas!


  1. Merry, merry holiday to you both! Look forward to hearing more about the symbols in this drawing!

    1. Merry holidays to the K clan! :) Ah yes... The symbols... That's a post in itself. LOL! ;)

    2. Here's a quick breakdown of the various symbols found within.
      Palm tree leaves, broken Christmas lights... Somehow, I always thought the Xmas lights should go in an evergreen! LOL! The wine bottle filled with strange demons, pouring on top of a brain, trickling down the side of an eye and causing lightning bolts is... well... Kind of self-explanatory, really. A cloudy eye and rain (years). That weird pink think is a prawn (seafood is a big thing over here, during the holiday season). The beach ball and sand that joins into a snowy sky, fir tree with star (opposite seasons across the globe). The grey bird is a noisy miner (the babies hatch just before Xmas). The music and fleur-de-lys is linked to the old French-Canadian jigs and reels I grew up with as a kid. The four hearts are my parents and siblings. D pointed out to me that the fleur-de-lys also looks a bit like a plane (was he hinting at something!? LOL!) As for the noisy lawnmower... It needs NO explanation!! :D


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