Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tree oracle revisited

While cleaning out my tarot/oracle deck cabinet, I came across an oracle I had made years ago; a tree oracle based on the different types of timbers I have had the privilege of working with. It's funny how the kennings I came up with still hold true for me to this day. Since the inception of this oracle, I have worked with other sorts of wood, but I do not wish to add any of them to the collection. Personally, I have found that more isn't always better; too many cards, runes, tiles, symbols, etc... and the deck becomes too complex and convoluted. As a matter of fact, when I use this oracle for readings, I go about the inspiration that arises from the kennings... Not so much the keywords or tarot card associations I have ascribed to each wood tile. I guess it's true what they say; "the best type of oracle to use is one you made yourself... One you have an intimate connection with." I personally encourage anyone interested in getting in touch with their intuitive "seer" to create their very own oracle system, based on what they are passionate about and have an in-depth connection with. Love birds? Make a bird oracle deck. Crazy about crystals? Create your very own crystal oracle with personalized meanings. For me, I love trees and wood, as I am an avid sculptor, woodworker and tree-hugger; each timber has its own "personali-tree" and through woodworking experience, they speak to me in ways that many other types of system cannot. Time to dust off the old tree oracle and give it a whirl!


  1. These are so lovely; I'm amazed at how you can tell which one is which. But I suppose what you create is seen through eyes more attentive to detail.

    1. Thanks soulsis! These little timber cubes are like my kids... I know each and everyone of them by name and through experience. :)

      The kennings are very personal to me, so it makes it easy for me to remember them; for example, the one for Messmate (sharp teeth) came to me as I was making a flute out of this timber... Never in my life had I "collected" so many splinter in making one project. That wood splinters like crazy, and OMG does it ever hurt! If you don't get them out, they also tend to fester and get infected. For me, Messmate represents being assertive and honest, but also being mindful that the truth can be quite sharp and painful at times.


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