Friday, November 06, 2015

RIP Dremel

It's official... My Dremel is dead. After one of the carbon brushes imploded inside while I was carving the whale, I thought it might be okay and just need some replacement brushes. It turns out the brush ripped out one of the contact copper plates on the driveshaft, and so it's now useless. Oh well! I can't beg for another birthday gift from hubby... I was already spoiled too much. I guess I have to start "nagging" for Christmas, then. Such is life! Maybe the universe is telling me to get back to drawing and painting. Both my wrists and elbows would surely appreciate the return to the "gentler arts!"
Totally ripped off the copper plate!


  1. Sorry to read about your dremel being unfixable �� . I hope you get a new one soon.

    Ariel xox

    1. Hubby got me a new one the other day... He said "Oh! Err... I needed a Dremel for work, so I got one... Business expense. I don't need it anymore... Here, you have it." Yeah right! A Dremel for plastering. LOL! :D

      Remember that little turtle/box I made you? I made one for a friend's birthday. I gave it to her the other day, and her husband was so impressed by it that he commissioned me a Viking ship! Yikes! I never made one! O_o That should be a fun challenge! Thanks God I have a new Dremel!


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